Ryan Oletzke

Vision, Leadership, & Teaching

Justin Ocker

Operations & Administration

Kenny Stone

Family Life

Isaiah Paine

Communication & Connection

Danny Clifton

Music & Production

Jesse Slippy

True Hope YOUTH

Emmily Ocker

Community Groups

Kristynn Lind

True Hope Music

Tamryn Weber

True Hope Kids

Hadley Clifton


Tandi Foster

Women's Ministry


Directional Leadership TeaM


The Directional Leadership Team (DLT) functions as the Board of Directors for True Hope Church in Spokane. The DLT meets on a monthly basis to guide its vision, mission, and direction. To learn more about the organizational structure of True Hope, view the bylaws.


Ryan Oletzke

Ken Henry

David Howell


Wayne Haas

Eric Green

Justin Ocker



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