Pastor Ryan Oletzke

It’s always good to pause and remember... thank God... and celebrate the evidence of His grace in our lives. This is exactly what this booklet is all about, and it has been quite an amazing first full year for True Hope Church.
It feels like yesterday that our family moved to Spokane, July of 2011, followed closely by roughly 20 friends and family moving from Yakima, Seattle, and the Portland areas to join their hearts with the vision of helping more people in Spokane find their way back to God. 
As some may remember, we first started meeting in a team member’s home Friday nights, and within months grew to just under 50 people. It was crazy... it was happening! It was time to introduce Sunday gatherings and so, in October of 2011, we commenced monthly services in two locations, in opposite ends of the city, beginning to meet at Lincoln Heights Elementary, on the South Hill, as well as the
Service Station, in the North. Things were progressing, community was forming, and it was now time to meet every week! In January 2012, we did just that, began weekly Sunday gatherings in both locations.
February 12th, 2012 marked the official launch of True Hope Church in two locations. We sent out 82,000 mail invites kicking off our launch with our most popular sermon series to date: "I'm Sorry". Many people came to check out what was going on, hear the messages, and experience Jesus! 
On September 17th 2012, we moved both our locations to morning services. This was a huge
undertaking for our teams and created more room for leaders, and volunteers to step up and own the mission of Jesus through True Hope Church!
All of 2012 has been truly a remarkable work of the grace of God! We have seen many salvations and baptisms as Jesus has rescued lost hearts. We have seen people grow in worship, community, service, and generosity in response to Him. It has been amazing! As you will see from this Annual Report, God is faithful and continues to be the Hero of our story! Jesus is the only true hope for humanity, and many are experiencing faith, hope, and love as they find their way back to Him. 
This is just the beginning... Let's continue loving, giving, serving, and sharing all that Jesus is and has done in our lives!  As together, we continue helping people find their way back to Him here in Spokane.  
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Most watched video online, "I'm Sorry"

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